To avoid problems when renaming your city we suggest the following solution:

  1. Enter Ctrl+Shift+Alt+x
  2. Type whererufrom your city’s name

This solution should change the city and file name without corrupting your data

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More SimCitytm Tips

  1. Use Ctrl and Alt keys for laying out zones.
  2. Use Shift 1 and Shift F1 for small changes to landscaping.
  3. During God Mode go at the fastest speed and eat up some decades. Build some water so you can build a seaport later.
  4. At the beginning:
    1. Build power plants in corners.
    2. Don’t be afraid to use lots of avenues.
    3. Use the rail and rail stations through out the city. (Put bus stations near but not next to the stations.)
    4. Build all low density houses, some medium and high density industry and many farms. Don’t build any or very little commercial.
    5. Build only a fire station when there is a fire.
    6. Do not build Police, school, or hospitals.
    7. Work only on balancing the budget and building use populate.
    8. Leave holes between zones.
    9. Use lots of busses.
    10. Leave space for airport. (Surround the space with a road so you remember.)
    11. Keep the industry at the edges of the map.
    12. Look for places of high traffic and put in avenues and buses. Even reroute the road.
    13. Have plenty of neighborhood connections.
    14. Lay water pipes.
    15. Use only Landfill.
  5. During the middle:
    1. Keep building up the houses.
    2. Mix in some small medium industry zones throughout the city next to houses with the no-work zots.
    3. When the map is near full start using medium residential.
    4. Add parks and stuff.
    5. Keep your budget not just balanced but try to make the surplus as great as possible.
    6. Keep the clock going fast to get to the 150.
    7. At 25K population get recycling center as budget will allow.
  6. End game.(once you get to 150 years)
    1. Slow the clock to 2.
    2. To get to 50K you may need to start adding schools and hospitals and police.
    3. It will take about 4 to 5 police stations and fire stations to cover the map.
    4. One or two large high schools and one or two large elementary schools will cover the map. Same with hospitals.
    5. Adjust all these so the capacity is just above the number enrolled.
    6. Add libraries and museums as the budget will allow always making sure that the surplus stays large.
    7. Un-zone most of the farm land over time and use it for something else.
    8. Put in water treatment plant halfway to the center.
    9. Add sea port and airport as budget will allow.
  7. Work on filling the rubric requirements

SimCity medium city should look like this at start-up