Arizona Region Competition Winners - 2017

The Competition hosts awards for the "best in class" awards.  These awards are selected as a result of the Competition Judges reviewing all of the student deliverables.  In addition, the Competition hosts a Popular Choice Award (student selected), Public Choice Award (public selected), Award of Distinction and Educational Excellence Award (outstanding educator). 


2017 Arizona Region Overall Top Five Teams

The five teams with the highest overall scores in the Arizona Region Competition Semi-Finals compete in the final round. The final order of placement is determined by the presentation scores received from the Celebrity Judge Panel.

First Place: Veritas Homeschoolers, ReviviQuito, Jeremy Graunke, Adriana Baniecki, Madyison Nichols, Kathryn Graunke (teacher), Matthew Graunke (engineer)


Second Place: Maricopa Wells Middle School, Sura, Alyson Bowen, Emma Schrader, Zeah Zimpleman, Robyn Rice & Joseph Szoltysik (teachers), Lyle Bowen (engineer)

Third Place: Desert Wind Middle School, Jakarta, Kian Pack, Jaden Pyle, Isabella Ebner, Shannon Hull (teacher), Gerry Hahn (engineer)

Fourth Place: St. John Bosco, Cosmium Colony, Antonio Ruiz, Roberto Trujillo, Michael List, Colleen Ruiz (teacher), Juan Ruiz (engineer)

Fifth Place: Grace Christian Academy, Delanie, Emily Harness, Jared Jentgen, Nix Roberts, Mary Ann Ekstrom (teacher), Ken Ekstrom (engineer)


Competition Awards

Best Computer Model: Maricopa Wells, Purnea

Best Essay: Billy Lane Lauffer Middle School, Costa Verde

Best City Model: Maricopa Wells, Schone Stadt

Best Team Presentation: Maricopa Wells, Novara

Award of Distinction: Maricopa Wells, Liyong Kongijan

Popular Choice Award (selected by students): Sunset Heights Elementary, Johona Valley

Public Choice Award (selected by public while on display at the library): Grace Christian Academy, Delanie


Special Educator Recognition

Educational Excellence: Gretchen Downey, Sinagua Middle School